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Hey, we are here to help you. Thanks for taking an interest in the guest posting platform on our website onlineshoppings.blog!!

We are interested in receiving well-written, unique, and informative blogs which will attract our readers and inspire them to come and write on our website.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please note the following policies:

  • Submission of your guest post doesn’t ensure distribution. Your article will be checked. Suppose it’s something unique, something we’ve not posted previously, and has inventive cash saving systems or an exciting cash-related story that will profit onlineshoppings.blog perusers. In that case, you have an extraordinary possibility of it getting acknowledged.
  • In keeping with the soul of onlineshoppings.blog, guest posts should offer practical, cash-saving tips, appeal, or thoughts. Posts that share individual stories and itemized clarifications and special tips versus more uncertain or general ideas are significantly more prone to be thought of.
  • Preference will be given to the individuals who show a veritable premium in onlineshoppings.blog as a peruser or adherent. Thus, entries with a “visit my site” or “look at my item” type feel won’t be acknowledged. Moreover, entries that give off an impression of being carefully PR-or SEO-related won’t be accepted.
  • Posts should be top-notch, unique content with good vocabulary.
  • Please limit your post to 1500 to 2000 words or less. Fewer words with good stories will increase reading time and attracts readers.
  • The use of shots, records, and short sections exceptionally supported, making perusing a lot simpler.
  • Would you please put forth a purposeful attempt to utilize correct spelling, syntax, and accent? Because of time limitations, entries that require exorbitant altering won’t be acknowledged.
  • Make sure any links in your post are applicable and substantial. Links considered to be redundant to the fundamental thought of your post will be taken out without notice. However, any non-working links will be eliminated. What’s more, if there are more than 3-4 links all through the post pushing your site, all things considered, we may eliminate some of them.
  • Don’t neglect to incorporate a short bio (50 words or less)in the appropriate field underneath. Also, don’t hesitate to include a link to your site.
  • Blog doesn’t offer financial rewards for guest posts as of now.

These are some primary guidelines and policies to be considered before posting an article on our website. Submission of articles following all these policies is more likely to be published!

Typically, we publish only a few guest posts per month, so depending on how many guest posts are in the queue, it may be several months before your post is published. So, If you think you are a good writer with excellent skills, don’t wait and write whatever you like and send us!

Submit you Blog at: info@onlineshoppings.blog