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Nowadays, A lot of items like books, electronics, groceries, and office supplies are bought online, more than they are in stores, mostly due to the convenience of purchasing online. There is one section, however, where traditional shopping is still king: clothing. Indeed, when people want to go to the market, they’re usually going for one reason, and that’s to check out the promotions at all of those trendy designer stores.

So here’s the question for you: why don’t more groups buy their clothes through online shopping? Is it because they need to check them on before they buy anything? Or is it because they are unaware of some of the excellent sites out there that offer an amazing selection of economical clothes? It’s a mix of both.

So let’s get forward to business. What are a few of the hip-and-happening apparel websites out there that you’re probably currently unaware of, and what makes them different?

1. eShakti

eShakti - Online Shoppings Blog

If you are worried about finding garments that fit well online, then eShakti is likely the store for you. One of their feature features is that they allow you to customize their garments so that they align with your exact sizes, all for a low flat rate of $7.50.

2. Shoptagr

Shoptagr - Online Shoppings Blog

Shoptagr comes equipped with a bunch of unique tools that can help you in your quest to find the perfect outfit. For instance, it allows you to save the collections of over 600 designer stores and create your personalized clothing collections using their chrome extension (which means you can access them on any of your devices that are connected to the internet and buy them when the time is right).

Creating a personalized collection from Shoptagr has a practical purpose as well because if any of the items you have posted there go on sale, you’ll promptly receive a notification from them (ensuring that you don’t overspend on that suit you’ve been eyeing for the past few months).

3. Forever 21

Forever 21

If you thought that Forever 21 was just a shop you could visit your local mall, think again. It also has a great online segment that allows young adults (their target demographic) to browse the latest trends. Best of all, they’re not overly expensive either. Also, since you have likely been to a Forever 21 in person, and tried on their dresses, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what will fit you when purchasing items online.

4. Clothing Under 10 

10 Dollar Mall

As the name suggests, this site offers all kinds of fashionable clothes for under $10. You really can’t beat that!

5. Deb


Deb’s claim to fame is that they offer an incredibly wide variety of sizes, allowing both large and small folks to have access to the latest clothing trends. If you can’t find it in stores, they’ll likely have it here.

6. Necessary Clothing

Necessary Clothing

The goal of this site is to offer clothes that ladies feel are “necessary,” so you’ll always find a broad, cheap range of clothes here. Based on what I’ve seen, this is the place you go to if you want an outfit to wear for nights out.

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

If you’re into all of the crazy styles that appeared at your mall’s Hot Topic but don’t want to be seen hanging around a bunch of 15 to 25-year-olds, then Urban Outfitters is for you. Using their site, you’ll be able to order all kinds of eccentric costumes and shoes from the comfort of your own home.

8. Choies


Before you ask, no, I didn’t forget the “c.” That’s the name of their site! What makes Choies unique is that they offer a collection of offbeat novelty/artistic clothing that you can use to show off to all of your fans on social media. Great for those who like to stand out in a crowd.

9. Romwe


Romwe is sort of a mix of a conventional and offbeat clothing store. You can find a lot of popular things there, as well as some more artsy selections. Their best point however is that they offer free freight worldwide for all purchases.

10. ASOS


ASOS is cool because they offer modern and vintage styles for both men and women. But, maybe best of all, is that they offer a special deal for college pupils. That’s right: if you’re currently visiting the college, all you need to do is sign up for the ASOS on Campus Sale and you’ll receive a 10% discount on all purchases. If you purchase a lot of clothes, that 10% can add up over time!

So there you have it. Ten great sites that can jump-start your journey into the world of shopping for garments online. If you’ve got any sites that are your preferences or have had great experiences purchasing your clothes online, let us know in the comments below!

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