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Tips to Avoid Cart Abandonment | Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Guide | Part 2


Fighting shopping cart abandonment is a two-fold project. To start, you want to optimize your sales funnel and checkout process to bring down the number of carts that are abandoned in the first place. There are a few ways to make this happen.

Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

Before we dig into specific abandonment issues, it’s good practice to start with a solid foundation. Increasing your site’s conversion
rate won’t end shopping cart abandonment, but it makes for a good starting point to help you identify and address specific abandonment factors.

  1. Boost trust. While it didn’t crack the top 5, 18% of survey respondents cited concerns about payment security as the reason they didn’t complete a purchase. 3dcart users can rest assured that customer data is safe thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption. Share that comforting feeling with your customers by being upfront about the efforts you take to secure their payment.
  2. Accept all kinds of payment. Speaking of payment, 8% of respondents noted they abandoned a purchase because there
    weren’t enough payment options. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you – that means being flexible about how they pay. Accept as many credit cards as possible, and offer other payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay.
  3. Exit-intent pop-up. As someone who exits out of the wrong tab in my browser at least twice a day, I know the value of an exit intent pop-up. Simply put, it’s a box that pops up when a user attempts to exit the page. Using the 3dboost app, a brief message like “Wait! You have items in your cart” can help you confirm if customers intend to abandon their cart or left your store by accident.

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Fix Checkout Process Hiccups

Now that we have a solid conversion rate to work off of, let’s take aim at your checkout process. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed by Baymard blamed abandonment on a checkout process that was too long or complicated. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your customers aren’t part of that group.

  1. Offer guest checkout. There are lots of reasons a customer may not want to create an account with your online store – and many of them have nothing to do with you. Your goal is to make it radically easy to buy. Removing the potential hurdle of creating an account can help you turn more shopping carts into completed sales.
  2. Streamline the checkout process. Your checkout process should be as quick and painless as you can make it. This isn’t the place to ask for any more than the vital information or to try and upsell to customers. Cut as many steps and information fields as possible, and make it easier for users to become customers.
  3. Make the process transparent. You know the old saying about those who give up because they don’t realize how close they are to the finish line? Don’t let your customers be those people. Layout the checkout process clearly and ensure customers always know where they stand.

Optimize Your Mobile Shopping Cart

We’ve already chatted about the prevalence of shopping cart abandonment on mobile devices. With more than a third of all retail e-commerce emanating from mobile, this is one factor you can’t afford to overlook. Many of the same factors apply to both mobile and desktop shopping carts, but there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure the best mobile experience.

  1. Use mobile-friendly design. A thoughtfully-designed shop is always key, but this means different things on mobile and desktop stores. The strong mobile design eliminates unnecessary features, streamlines navigation, and accounts for having to “tap” links and buttons instead of click. With 3dcart’s eCommerce solution, it’s as simple as selecting a mobile-ready responsive theme.
  2. Optimize load time. There’s plenty of data that shows mobile users are even more impatient than desktop users when a site loads slowly. Limit the elements on each page, use smaller images, and choose high-quality web hosting, and you’ll avoid losing sales to slow load times.
  3. Be ruthless about the checkout process. We talked about streamlining the checkout process in the last section, but when it comes to the mobile process, you need to be even more ruthless. Eliminate any step or info field that isn’t without a doubt, 1000% necessary.

Mitigate Price Discrepancy

Unexpected shipping costs, crazy taxes, extra fees… there are plenty of reasons an item’s price drives upward through the checkout process. Remember when we said expensive shipping was the number one driver of cart abandonment? That means you have a huge opportunity to limit the discrepancy between the price listed on the product page and the total amount customers pay.

  1. Set expectations. Depending on the products you sell, there might be additional taxes and fees you have to charge. When this happens, make a point to set accurate expectations well before customers click “checkout.” Note any changes that will affect the price directly on the product page.
  2. Keep shipping costs reasonable. Shipping costs vary from one store to the next – by a lot. To keep things simple, consider applying one, flat shipping rate to all your products. That way, you can communicate and set expectations throughout the site, not just on the review order page.
  3. Consider free shipping. As eCommerce grows, free shipping thrives. More and more online stores are offering free shipping, so it’s something to consider. You can often recoup the extra expense by bumping up the regular price of your products.

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