Email Marketing

COVID-19 gave a boost to the e-commerce market, requiring stores to go online if they wanted to continue operating. The fashion industry also had to step into this market to continue to fulfill its clients’ as well as its own needs. Although the market was already dominated by big players, some new players gave them a good run and still

The second part of fighting shopping cart abandonment is to have a process in place to win back those customers who still abandon you. You’ve done your best to avoid abandonment altogether – that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about the remaining abandoned carts. Those of us familiar with today’s marketing trends kno

What is a Sales Promotion? The term “promotional calendar” may feel like marketing articulate. What this means is that you’re highlighting or bringing attention to a product/service, set of products/services, event, etc. To build a promotional calendar is to think about the time of year and your business and outline what you want t