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is it secure to sell my cellphone Online?

With numerous cybercriminals around us, you may have uncertainty before selling your mobile online. After all, you are not aware of the individual you are selling the phone to. So, why should you trust someone you are not acquainted with? What if he/she seems to be a culprit in disguise? These are common queries that everyone may have the first time before they put their used cellphones for a sail.

o Selling your mobile phone online
Most individuals think that the IMEI number of the cellphones is the initial thing that the police will trace. So, if you sell a used mobile phone to a criminal, the police may come searching for you. That’s not how it goes. The IMEI number is not the only factor that the police regard. When you are putting your mobile phone online for sale, you are not selling your SIM card also. The police search for a combination of a phone IMEI number and the GSM network that criminals avail. If you don’t have the GSM network, no one will be able to hold you responsible.
o Complete documentation
Will I gain genuine documents if I sell my mobile phone online? That’s another query that a lot of people have in mind before selling their cell phones. Of course, you will obtain actual documents. Companies like Sellyt give you a comprehensive bill of the make and design of the mobile you’re offering purchasable, the IMEI number of the phone, description of an individual who will come and get the phone from your house, and so on.
It is nearly like buying the latest phone online. Just like you acquire a detailed bill that incorporates information about the date and duration of your purchase, likewise, selling the old mobile phone will also have thorough information about your mobile.
o IMEI demonstrates nothing
What do you do when you are unable to find a phone?
The initial advice you receive is to block your network supplier’s connection. So, you notify your GSM network agency to block your number temporarily. This will make the mobile futile. In a similar fashion, when you sell your mobile, you don’t give your active GSM network number. Without an operative network, no culprit can do anything with your cellphone. So, you should not have any suspicion about whether your mobile is in protective hands or not.
o How to put the mobile phone for sale
If you already looked online about how to offer my phone sale, you will come across various websites that provide distinct prices. Sellyt is one of the sites that will offer a more acceptable deal than others. However, you should be honest with the instructions you give. The site will ask distinct queries relating to the condition of your mobile. You should respond to them honestly. They will also deliver an estimated quote on how much payment you can anticipate receiving by selling the mobile phone.
The pickup man that comes will examine the phone thoroughly. If the condition matches the queries you responded, you are possibly liable to get the said price. So, make sure you carry out all your inspection before selling the mobile phone online.

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