How this Unique Prophetic Biography is More Than Just a Simple Seerah Book

An Inspiration to the World
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The renowned author of La Tahzan (“Don’t Be Sad”), Dr. Aa’id al-Qarni, has now published a new masterpiece, An Inspiration to the World. A treatise on the life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it is a book of Seerah unlike any other written before.

Enabling Multi-Faceted Self-Growth

An Inspiration to the World goes beyond mere biography. It is meant to inspire your days and nights, your public and private lives, and your times of both ease and hardship by offering its readers a feel of the Prophetic breeze. In his book, Dr al-Qarni explores various aspects and roles of the Prophet PBUH, for example, as a teacher, leader, warrior, husband, and politician, to name a few.

Through reflection and contemplation on these aspects based on authentic reports, Dr. al-Qarni helps the readers connect the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH to their everyday, modern lives. Because of how well-structured it is, one may easily select an aspect of life or a social role from the table of contents and read a targeted guide on how the Prophet Muhammad PBUH dealt with such situations. The readers thus embark on a project of character reformation with the Seerah as their guide.

Our Duty as Muslims

This book is a portal inviting Muslims towards a high and noble way of life, based on the message of Tawheed, Oneness of God, and taking inspiration from half a century of miracles and a mission that covered all aspects of human life. As Muslims, it is our duty to strive to emulate the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in every large and trivial way we can. We must do self-work to match everything from our little daily habits to our psychology and spirituality to those of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and this book is a manual on how to achieve exactly that. Such a project was immensely needed to help Muslims navigate the world today in the best way.

Efforts Towards the Goal

Dr al-Qarni worked on this book while sitting in the Holy Sanctuary with the Ka’abah in his view. It is the culmination of over 30 years of hard work. The inspiration and depth of feeling in his book are obvious, with the immersive experience it offers into the essence of the man, peace be upon him, who established the law of Allah to flourish in the world until the Day of Judgement. The book helps us realize the excellence with which this feat was achieved. It then spells out how we can apply this same excellence in our behavior, actions, and dealings today.

(Dr. Aa’id al-Qarni is a renowned scholar, poet, activist, and preacher of global fame from Saudi Arabia. He is the author of the book, among over 80 others, La Tahzan which was translated into several languages and became a global phenomenon, selling over 10 million copies.)

This book has been published through Darussalam and can be purchased at its physical stores or by clicking here: An Inspiration to the World

It is now available on Amazon too! Don’t miss the chance to order a copy.

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