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Adding a new product listing on Amazon | How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners


Adding a new product listing on Amazon

To add a new product listing on Amazon first, you need to head over to seller central and log in.

      Adding a new product listing on Amazon


Go to “Add a product” under the inventory tab.

Add a product


If you are doing private labeling and want to add a new product listing for your product, you need to click “Create a new product listing”.

Add a product to Amazon 

Next, you want to categorize your product, so make sure that you categorize it correctly. Browse through Amazon categories and pick the one that is the most related to your product. If you don’t know which category to pick, you can take a look at which categories your competitors have put their products in. If you can not find a certain category such as Beauty or Health & Personal care, for example, that is because those categories are gated. You can see the full list of gated categories and how you can request the ungating here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=14113001

NOTE: Always categorize your product correctly. Listing your product in unrelated categories may result in account suspension.

TIP: Some products can be categorized under different categories. See which categories are your top competitors using and then list under the one that is not used by the best-selling competitor. This way you are more likely to get the best seller badge without having to sell more than the competitor. For example, silicon baking mold can be categorized under Muffin & Cupcake Pans, Molds, Specialty & Novelty Cake Pans, Bakeware Sets, Baking Cups, Small Pastry Molds, or Loaf Pans.

  Select a category in amazon

Once you found the appropriate category hit the select button.

Now it’s time to enter the product listing information. Since many product categories have different mandatory fields and many are self-explanatory, I am going to cover only the most important ones. 

Manufacturer your brand name

The product name is the title displayed on the product listing page.

UPC or EAN ­ every new listing requires a unique UPC. It’s pretty cheap. You can purchase it here: barcodestalk.com

Seller SKU is for your purposes.

Quantity ­ how many units per order will be sent. Most likely it will be 1.

Import designation ­ the country of origin.

Your price ­ the price that customers pay for the product. Your regular price.

Sale price ­ discounted from Your Price. Amazon 15% commission still applies to your price, no matter the sale price.

Images of your product ­ make sure you read the guidelines first: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help­popup.html/?itemID=16881 

Key product features ­ are bullet points

Search Terms are the main keywords of your product listing. Enter as many keywords as you can per line. Separate each keyword with a single space. Don’t use commas, it will only eat up the character space.

Platinum keywords ­ ignore if you are not a platinum merchant

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price ­ it is the list price, which is higher than Your Price. This price will be crossed. 

Of course, there are much more fields, but those are optional and different for each product type. If you have any specific questions about the product fields please let me know in the discussion section of this lecture.

If you are not doing private labeling and you want to sell under somebody else’s product listing then enter Product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or ASIN to find a product you won’t sell. Then hit the search button. 

Then you find to locate product listing of the identical product that you want to sell and hit the “Sell yours” button

Enter your offer and hit save and finish.  

How To Create a Multipack Product Listing

Don’t confuse multipack with bundes. Multipack is a pack of several units of the same products in one order. Bundle is a pack of several units of different products in one order. With a bundle, you add two or more compatible items, with a multipack you combine two or more of the same item.

Multipack feature lets you sell several product units in one order.

Main advantages of creating a multipack product listing:

  • You will create a new product listing page and at first you will be the only seller of that specific multipack until other sellers start selling under your product listing.
  • Lower per-unit fees.
  • Opportunity to reach 35$ selling price so that your multipack can be eligible for free shipping.
  • Get out of addon status by adding more units to your multipack.

Multipack can be created in category wherever you see Package Quantity: field under Vital Info.

You don’t need a new UPC to list it, you can use the UPC of a single-pack product that is already listed on Amazon. 

To add a new multipack product listing on Amazon first you need to head over to seller central and log in.

Go to “Add a product” under the inventory tab. 

Find a category in which you want to list your multipack.

Under Vital Info make sure you enter all required fields

­Product name: make sure you mention how many units are in the pack (example: pack of 2)

­UPC: copy and paste the UPC of a product that you are multi packing

Package Quantity: enter the number of units that are going to be in the pack

­Manufacturer: copy and paste the exact name of the product manufacturer

Under Offer make sure you enter all fields marked with sign. Under quantity enter 1.

Sending your multipack to Amazon FBA 

Since now your multipack is fulfilled in a single order, your multipack must be packaged as one physical unit. So when an Amazon fulfillment employee picks your item from the warehouse bin, all product units contained in your multipack must be packaged as one item. 

Each multipack must have one physical scannable FNSKU barcode. The FNSKU label for your multipack can be generated while doing Send/Replenish Inventory process of your multipack product from your seller central.