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Around 20 years back, the e-commerce industry has made almost 2 trillion US dollars in selling products online globally. There is no looking back.

E-Commerce has transformed retail. When it started, e-commerce was quite limited in its potential. But not anymore. Whether it’s customizing things, advanced return policies, or improved integration, all of these changes have taken the whole world of business by storm. 2021 is here to further enhance the eCommerce world.

Trends Of Ecommerce in 2021 everyone should follow

So, if you’re still on the fence about the future of e-commerce. These e-commerce trends will show you that eCommerce isn’t just fastly growing, it’s here to stay long. And people can add these e-commerce evolutions into your business to make sure fast growth of your online store.

To take your business to the next level in 2021 and the coming years. Make sure to take advantage of these rising trends in the e-commerce industry. Don’t wait for anyone. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.


Why are Ecommerce Trends so Important?

The e-commerce world is becoming progressively competitive. To stay ahead of your competitors, e-commerce trends need to be regularly monitored to find out your issues. No matter how big your e-commerce store is right now, if you are not familiar with e-commerce trends, you’ll risk falling extremely behind. You need to keep looking ahead to make sure of future accomplishments.

After understanding these steps you will be able to start your own own business.

As we move into 2021, you need to be well known about these trends to take advantage of them. That’s why it’s so important that e-commerce trends are examined and picked up on time. By doing this you can push your e-commerce brand forward and stay ahead of your competition

Top Ecommerce Trends of 2021:

Are you thinking about what the future of e-commerce looks like? Do you want to look into what trends will make the success of your online store? The top 10 e-commerce trends for 2021 that you need to know. Every person who has an interest in e-commerce and online selling?

1. Online Sales Growth is Unstoppable

Ecommerce sales have been increasing regularly and for good reason. shopping online is one of the most common and popular online activities. The sales are projected to expand from 1.2 trillion in 2014 to 4.5 trillion in 2021  Statista, 2019 . That’s a huge figure.

Even though online shopping is one of the most popular and common online activities right now, the usage varies by area. With the increase of e-commerce stores, an increasing number of people are moving to online shopping.

Online Sales Growth is Unstoppable

This rise in online shopping can be attributed to several circumstances. One of the main ones is possibly the level of comfort that is given to online shoppers. There is also an increase in confidence that online buyers have when they are buying online, as well as a better website experience. At one point, people used to be reluctant to buy things online, but that’s no longer the case. Sites have been made more customer-friendly. With all the comfort that is given, there’s no amazement that online growth in sales is becoming unstoppable.

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2. The Future of Ecommerce During COVID-19

Unfortunately, one of the biggest results—if not the biggest—on E-commerce trends in 2020 will be COVID-19.
With the administration globally shutting stores and applying lockdowns to restrict social movement for months on end in a bid to fight the coronavirus, more and more people are moving to online shopping to buy items.

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Already, e-commerce master Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has seen his assets grow by nearly $24 billion thanks to increased customer demand for Amazon’s products and assistance.


And experts predict that the effect of the coronavirus will not just be a short-term uplift to e-commerce but one that’s here to stay long, even after COVID-19. This is because people will get comfortable with the ease and satisfaction it offers and the benefits of contactless payments, both of which are likely to cause a lasting behavioral shift towards online purchases.

Market experts say that the e-commerce industry will be the largest beneficiaries of the coronavirus outbreak. Penetration rates, which are now at 15 percent, are expected to increase to 26 percent by 2026. That marks a 68 percent increase in 5 years. Read this blog to find out how COVID-19 effecting e-commerce.
 COVID-19 effect on e-commerce, unfortunately, spells a heavy loss for street-side business stores. As many as 100,000 are predicted to shut over the next few years.

At an estimated 23,000 closures, apparel dealers will be the most affected, followed by 12,000 consumer appliance stores., and 11,000 home decor and grocery stores each.

3. Growth in Mobile Shopping

The growth of mobile commerce has been notable. Since 2016, sales through mobile devices have increased by 40%. By the end of 2021, 74% of e-commerce sales will take place on mobiles (Statista, 2019). Improving the e-commerce experience for mobile buying customers can be a huge chance for businesses to see. Get Safety tips on buying online

Growth in Mobile Shopping online

Ecommerce development has been driven in part by the increased rate in the usage of mobile phones and other related devices. People don’t just shop online, they also use their mobile phones to browse or explore more before making their minds up about their buying. As the belief in online shopping is increasing, consumers feel more safe shopping on mobile phones than ever before. Especially when it comes to the generations between the 80s and 90s who have grown up surrounded by computers, other devices, and the internet.

These generations are also more likely to be shopping online from online sites like Amazon, eBay, etc, using their mobile devices, in comparison to older generations. As a result, more and more sites are now fully optimized for mobile usage. Make sure that not only your site but your online store is optimized for mobile devices as well. By doing this, you’re making e-commerce easier and more reachable for a larger audience.

4. Young Consumers To Change the Business Scenario

The coronavirus outbreak’s effect on e-commerce cannot be declined. More than half of consumers increased their spending of money online after the coronavirus strike.

But even though this switch to online shopping is seen globally by buyers of all ages, it’s mostly the youth and teens that are responsible for this e-commerce trend. Surveys show that two out of three young buyers aged 20 to 35 are spending more money buying items online now than before the COVID – 19.

 Young Consumers are Changing the Business Landscape

The growth is slightly more decreasing for the older age groups. Consumers from 35 to 55 years of age increased their online shopping spendings by 58 percent. That said, going forward, as a business owner, you should be targeting the youth to increase your sales capability.

To do so, consider increasing your social platforms’ marketing efforts. More than half of young buyers who buy from independent brands discover them via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

5. Changing Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

The number of social media buyers is also increasing rapidly. With the advancement of the “Buy” button on Facebook and Instagram buying features, social media is playing an effective role in the e-commerce world.

Social media has evolved the way we live our daily routine lives, including the way we buy things on social media. This is a great chance for brands to start thinking about how to better their position is on social media sites.

Use Pinterest for marketing your products. Which is a great platform for brands to get discovered online. With buyers spending their time on different types of social media sites. E-commerce businesses can get help from Instagram influencers to increase their opportunity of getting discovered by their target audience.

Changing Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

Sell your products on Facebook. Adding more things, with platforms like Shopify, businesses can easily connect and link their online stores with social media websites so that people can buy from them directly. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are constantly updating their features to meet the comfort needs of online sellers and buyers.

Who can forget TikTok – the advanced and increasing rave within the social media world. That has not only made its way into the hearts of teens and young but also around Hollywood?

The video-sharing app has been working on integrating e-commerce elements and its latest attempts include testing new features that will allow users to include purchasable links in their profiles. This means that users who click on the link will be redirected to the URL within the TikTok profile itself without leaving the app to access the site.

These social media sites or platforms act as channels for inspiration and allow brands a chance to be discovered while people scroll through their feeds. As social media platforms continue to become a regular part of our daily lives, their ability to influence e-commerce trends will only grow in a good way. That’s why brands need to pick a shopping-focused approach to their social media strategy.

6. Environmental Subjects Influence Buyers

Half of the digital consumers say that environmental discussions impact their buying decisions. Ecommerce businesses should strive for producing more durable practices. People are now becoming more aware of the environment than ever before and for good reasons.

Online businesses need to step in and make sure that their exercises are Eco friendly. This includes practices of gathering products from fair-trade corporations to help create an evergreen e-commerce environment. There are 5 Ways to Attract More Customers With Eco-Friendly Practices.

Environmental Subjects Influence Buyers

There are increasing requirements for taking care of our environment. The buyer feels more responsible for the planet, which in turn increases the responsibility for brands to cater to the environment-friendly needs of customers.

7. Desire To Shop With Independent Businesses

Not only are increasing consumers shopping online, but their shopping routines and brand preferences have also changed. The focus on durability and environmental practices aside, an increasing number of buyers are also becoming more open towards buying from independent businesses. More than half (55 percent) say they’re willing to buy from new brands for the first time.

Desire To Shop With Independent Businesses

The increase in support has been driven by the outbreak, which affected many small businesses and encouraged many to buy from them and support them. More than one-third of buyers who shop with independent businesses say they’re doing so now more than during COVID-19 times.

Some of the top causes to purchase from independent brands include wanting to support businessmen, which 34 percent of consumers mention as a reason, an interest in distinctive products (35 percent), and experiencing good client service (31 percent).

8. Augmented Reality Modifies How We Shop

By 2023 over 120,000 stores will be using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, offering a much richer purchasing experience. AR takes up in the sector will be driven by the merchandise workforce and e-shoppers. One of the main concerns that people have when shopping online is the ineffectiveness to see the product firsthand. AR technology helps to bridge this gap and allows online shoppers to better visualize the products that they are interested in.

Augmented reality allows online shoppers to better visualize the products that they are interested in.

For online buyers and customers, this could be a good game changer. AR experiences can change the way that online buyers perceive the products that they mean to buy. With the use of AR, buyers will be able to better understand their needs and if the products that they mean to purchase meet their demands. Some e-commerce brands and sites have already started to experience AR. Which will assist them to stand out from the competition. Giving more personalized experiences to buyers will allow for a better online shopping experience.

Companies are using AR not only to improve the customer experience but also to allow shoppers the facility to test and discover products in the way that they would do during a personal shopping experience.

9. Personalization is Future

More than 53% of shoppers say that a personalized online experience is vital. Adding to that, 75% of marketers believe personalization has a “strong” or “ultimate” effect on strengthening customer relationships (Evergage, 2019).

Personalizing the online shopping experience is the cue to keeping customers satisfied.

Personalizing the online shopping experience is the cue to keeping customers satisfied. People shopping online need help to find out the products that they need, and they benefit from a personalized experience. As a result of poor product guidance and support, online shoppers might circumvent certain stores.

E-Commerce sites are incorporated with this trend and are investing in personalization schemes to make the online shopping experience a better and an effective one. This could add the personalization of messages that go out through email, or by providing the right information to the interested buyer group. By offering personalized customer service, giving relevant discounts, and involvement with customers through. For example, video content, will help deliver a good shopping experience and build a good bond with your customers.

10. Visual Commerce Is on the increase

One of the many difficulties of running a successful e-commerce store is having to sell your product to buyers. Who have zero chance of physical interaction with your product.

Visual E-commerce Trends

In short, visual commerce is the upcoming generation of normal stable visuals. It takes marketing to a whole other level as rather than simply using product photos to advertise your business and visual commerce and takes it one step ahead by incorporating other types of visuals such as consumer-generated media, effective content, engaging videos, and as previously mentioned, AR.

Visual commerce is decreasing but surely becoming an essential of e-commerce. This involves the image-recognition market, which is set to increase from $20.29 billion in 2019 to $82.88 billion by 2026 – marking a compound growth rate of 19.6 percent annually or you can say yearly.

The usage of image recognition is anticipated to be the most common in the North American market, which corresponds with the popularity of and demand for visual content among US buyers. As it stands, approximately 77 percent of internet users in the US search for visual content before purchase daily. Only some (2 percent) do not.


With the advancement in technology and changes in buyers’ behavior. You should have to keep an eye out for these e-commerce trends in 2021. Whichever e-commerce trend you decide to accept, do it with the focus of upgrading the shopping experience for your customers.  Building a lifelong relationship with them. Take your e-commerce changing to the advanced level, by changing with it side-by-side. And taking the attraction of these e-commerce trends.


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